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History of Unfurl

The History of Unfurl


Unfurl is a collective that has been evolving since 2006 and has included illuminent members such Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra) guitar. We held our premiere at the Manchester Jazz Festival as in 2006 as a trio- Violin, Guitar and Darbouka. The band quickly expanded to a quartet with Frank Grime on bass and we soon started to get regular gigs at Jazz clubs and theatre venues (such as Matt and Phreds, Otley Courthouse, New Beehive Inn, Seven art centre to name a few) in the North West and Yorkshire.


In 2009 we put on an ambitious multi-media production sponsored by the Arts Council England and also commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival, with Mark Cameron Minard on moving image and Antti Saario and Philip Reeder (Live Sampling and ‘Acousmatics’). At this point a quartet became quintet with John ball becoming a permanent fixture of the band and what with Stuart becoming increasingly busy with his own stuff, the two friends Stuart McCallum and Pete Turner soon became Jim Faulkner and Gavin Barras.


Since Jim and Gavin joined the band in 2010 it has absolutely thrived and floursished and taken us to prestigious venues such as the Birmingham Symphony Hall Foyer, Capstone Theatre Liverpool, Brecon Jazz Festival and the London Jazz Festival. We have recorded an album ‘Arcadia’ and are currently part of the Northern Line touring scheme which is taking us to venues all around Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside,Greater Manchester, Cheshire, County Durham, Northumberland, Tees Valley and Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire, Humber (North and North East Lincolnshire).

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